La Vie en Rouge

In the shadowed corners of Prague, where the echoes of the city's gothic history linger, Lorenzo Devereaux, a cultured and successful businessman, leads a life of sophistication and solitude. With a butchery empire that spans across Europe and a PhD in Fine Arts, Lorenzo is a study in contrast—a man of taste and refinement who indulges in the most primal of human acts.

Beneath this façade of culture and success lies a darker truth—a ritualistic killer driven by a need for peace found only in the act of taking life. In the most haunting of his memories plays the melody of 'You are my Sunshine' by Kina Grannis, a lullaby to the demise of his first love, the woman he called his soul mate. As she surrendered her last breath, Lorenzo was baptized in the bittersweet realization that her death was his awakening, a poetic tragedy that he both cherishes and mourns.

"La vie en Rouge" delves into the life of this man who is as comfortable in the hallowed halls of art galleries as he is in the blood-stained backrooms of his establishments. Behind the facade of his opulent lifestyle, Lorenzo harbors a chilling secret: a penchant for murder, which he believes is the key to his tranquility. In a twisted belief that taking lives is an art form, Lorenzo sees himself as both creator and destroyer, balancing on the fine edge of beauty and brutality.

This symphony of sorrow and appreciation for life's ephemeral beauty is what propels Lorenzo. From the depths of his pain emerges a man who yearns for the solace found in the clean lines of his tools and the artistic precision of his 'craft.' His solitary moments are spent in the company of Emily Watts’ rendition of 'La Vie en Rose,' a personal anthem that cleanses him of his deeds and reconnects him with the world he both graces and haunts. As the story of Lorenzo unfolds, so too does the complexity of his being. His is a life lived in the shadows of greatness and the whispers of the damned. The elegance of his butcheries masks the carnage of his true passion, and his connoisseurship of art becomes a metaphor for the meticulousness of his killings. Each life he takes is an ode to the love he once lost, and every drop of blood spilled is an inkblot on the canvas of his existence.You’ll be drawn into the abyss of Lorenzo's psyche, exploring the dichotomy between his public persona and the dark urges he cannot quell.

When the brutal death of a promising young student sends ripples through the community, it shakes Lorenzo's carefully curated life. The investigation draws dangerously close, and now Lorenzo must balance the scales of his dual existence, all while the music that once soothed him now threatens to become his requiem.

In "La vie en Rouge," Lorenzo's life is a haunting melody—a dance between the light of art and the darkness of the abyss that follows death. Will his final act be his masterpiece, or will the crescendo of his secrets come crashing down upon him?

Release in December 2024