Harmony in Diversity: A Family’s Agile Symphony


Eduardo Alvim

1/8/20242 min read

As the old year gives way to the new, we stand on the threshold of 2024, ready to discover, explore, and experience all that it has in store. Today, I feel compelled to share a personal anecdote that, I hope, will resonate with you.

It’s Sunday noon, and in my home, that means it’s time for our weekly family tradition. We gather around a table laden with barbecue, immersed in the rich sounds of Gaúcha music from the southern stretches of Brazil. It's a time for laughter, sometimes serious debate, but always, it's about creating memories together.

This particular Sunday, I decided to spice up our tradition with a twist. Before Christmas, I purchased a karaoke machine. While it wasn't directly intended for my wife, her love for singing made it an obvious hit. We've enjoyed it with friends, but today it became a part of our family fabric. Whether you're a vocal virtuoso or not, karaoke has a magical way of bringing people together.

Now, I must admit, singing is not one of my gifts. If there were a scale for singing talent from zero to a hundred, I'd likely fall into the negative numbers on a good day. Yet, this didn't deter me from recording a small homemade video during our family time, an earnest exhibition of my vocal 'skills'. It's there for your amusement—unfiltered and unmoderated.

Amidst this humorous foray into music, a profound realization dawned on me. It wasn't just about my singing abilities—or the evident lack thereof—which I've known since my infancy. Rather, it was how my quirky mind drew parallels to Agile during these light-hearted moments. Even as I belted out tunes off-key, I was contemplating my professional passion.

Agile teams are lauded for their cross-functionality and multidisciplinary nature. However, there's a widespread misinterpretation that individuals should be jacks-of-all-trades, which isn't the case. The strength of Agile lies in the team's collective skills, not in pressuring individuals to perform tasks that are outside their wheelhouse. Consider a farm: a chicken, a pig, and a horse contribute different sounds, yet together, they compose a vibrant symphony. That’s the essence of Agile teamwork: harnessing collective strengths to create harmony.

Though I can't sing, oink, cluck, or neigh, my love for singing persists. It’s not about solo performances; it's about participating and finding joy in the act itself. As a father, my goal isn't to achieve vocal excellence but to illustrate the importance of participation and enjoyment, regardless of one's skill level.

My journey with Agile, much like my experience with singing, is about finding my place in the symphony. Whether it's as a supporting voice or the one making sure the technology runs smoothly, my involvement is key. The message I wish to impart, both in my personal life and through Agile, is that togetherness and support are what foster success.

As we look ahead, I encourage you to embrace your role, however you may sing your tune, and remember that you're part of a larger ensemble. Your team is there to harmonize with you every step of the way. As for my singing aspirations, I remain undeterred. I'll continue to try, perhaps finding my niche in harmonies or supportive roles, all the while contributing to our collective melody.

Enjoy my lack of singing talent while my wife is also questioning it. Sorry, Camila Cabello !

I wish you all the courage to sing your hearts out and the strength to ride the Agile winds of 2024!